Premise Cabling

Company cabling needs

Just about all the devices in a Company’s IT, CCTV, ICT, Data, or Technology have one thing in common – they all need Premise Cabling. This cabled infrastructure needs to be properly installed and maintained to make all the connected devices work in harmony, what’s more, its quality needs to be adequate enough to allow the connected devices to operate optimally.

Though a company’s infrastructure needs concerning cabling are smaller these days, they are also more demanding. The end devices connected to the cabling infrastructure require more bandwidth and more power (PoE). It often happens that a company doesn’t understand the impact that inferior cabling products or installation can have on their network and devices.

Where problems leak in

As companies are being pushed harder and harder to cut costs, many tend to opt for more cost-effective cabling solutions not understanding or not being educated about the effects these products could have. Typically, the ‘cost-effective’ cables cannot handle the power or data loads placed on them in the network. These cables will fail, more often than not, when exposed to extended periods of use and heat.

End devices connected to these ‘cost-effective’, and usually poor quality, cables cannot function properly. They simply don’t get enough power to the devices to meet their power demands. The device might just stop working for no apparent reason, and then you need to restart. It could leave you fairly frustrated and confused after having spent hundreds, even thousands, of Rands on decent equipment. So why does all that money not give you equipment that functions perfectly every time – sometimes it’s not the device/equipment, it’s the cabling powering them that is the culprit.

Cabling is King

We often find customers installing 200Mbps fibre links, only to find the link does not perform (or so it seems) when going back to the network or we find many customers still running Cat5 Networks.

Please remember that Cat5 will give up to 100Mbps over 100 meters and Cat5e will give up to 1 Gbps over 100 meters. That is just a general guideline and the technology has changed. Cat7 (and higher) is already available, so in other words, Cat5 cables are already on the older side of the cabling spectrum.

At SPOC we have been working with cabling for the past 16 years, be it Telephone, Data, or Fibre Cabling. We believe that Cabling is King. Being King it needs to be treated as such. The next time you consider installing new equipment; also think about the cabling you will need to support it and ensure it is running optimally.

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