Why small businesses should consider an IP CCTV camera system

Safety and security is a top priority in your personal and professional life. We all want to keep our loved ones and possessions safe, preferably without breaking the bank. At your place of business, safety and security is multi-faceted. Keeping an eye on your location is about more than just preventing a potential theft and loss of income. It’s about also protecting your employees, your customers, and yourself. IP CCTV is one solution that is highly accessible to small businesses to improve their security. Read on to find out why you need it and why it’s so easy to implement.

Protect your employees and customers

Any CCTV camera system provides a business owner with security benefits. It deters shoplifting and thefts. Buildings with CCTV focused on the outside of the building also improves the safety of your employees and customers as they enter and exit the building. Vandalism is less likely to occur, especially if you also add night vision CCTV to the mix to ensure nighttime culprits don’t get away with their nefarious activities.

Apart from these clear benefits of CCTV, the perceived benefits are also important. A building or shop with working and visible CCTV improves the perception of the location’s safety. Customers are more likely to spend more time there where they feel safe to shop at their leisure. Indirectly CCTV can improve your sales.

Protect yourself

When your employees and customers are protected, your business is obviously better off. There are more benefits for the business owner though. Many small businesses don’t have the capital to suffer a major theft or burglary. If your IP CCTV effectively deters such an event, you can go about your business with much more peace of mind. If something were to happen though and things do get stolen, it can provide you with the evidence you need to possibly retrieve your stolen goods or adequately claim from your insurance. A camera security system can also keep a dishonest employee from stealing things from right under your nose. What’s more, if a customer were to accuse you or an employee of cheating them or treating them unfairly, your CCTV footage could be the proof that the accusation is false. This is also true if an employee or customer lodges an accusation of harassment or something similar against you or another employee.

Ins and outs of IP CCTV

A camera security system is obviously a big advantage for any business, but what about IP CCTV technology specifically? This system essentially uses an Internet Protocol Camera as the security system. These cameras are standalone units with their own IP addresses so they can connect to a network just like a laptop can. These cameras can be connected to your modem or router via an ethernet cable, or they can work wirelessly with WiFi. The footage captured by the IP camera can be stored on a micro SD card in the camera, or it can be stored on the cloud to be viewed and downloaded remotely. This second method of storing footage is usually accompanied by a monthly subscription from a provider.

One great benefit of this system is that it is completely scalable and completely portable. You can start out small to test if it will be effective for your premises. A small start will also be sympathetic towards your budget. If you move to a new premises, you can take your cameras with you and set them up at the new location. Depending on the camera you get, they can be used indoors, outdoors, at the day or night time, they can pan and zoom, and more.

SPOC can provide you with IP Cameras and security solutions that are tailored to your budget and premises. Our flexibility, industry-leading experts, and pricing options are just some of the reasons why a SPOC security system just makes sense for any small business.

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