Why you should have a Festive greeting on your business phone system

HO. HO……OH. 

The festive season is upon us, and if you are like most businesses, you will be using your telephony system to spread the festive spirit.

A professionally recorded greeting can help create an enjoyable festive season for your clients. To ensure that your message gets through to your audience, it should be audible and professional-sounding.

What information you should include in your festive voicemail greeting:

– The period during which your company is either closed or works with different business hours.
– When exactly it will reopen or go back to the usual working hours.
– Ask your callers to visit your website if you have added more details about your festive working time.
– The golden rule that applies to any business greeting message is – Be concise. The callers should access the information they need fast.
– That way, you can be sure they will make the effort to call again.

There are two options available for businesses with a cloud or on-site phone system. You can record the greeting yourself, or you can use a voice-over artist with a euphonious voice to give it that professional touch.

Script sample for your festive message:
Greetings! You have reached [company’s name]. We will be closed for the festive season from X date till X day. Reopen on X Date with the usual working time of X hours until X hrs. In case of emergency, please contact our colleague on the phone [telephone number] or at email [email address]. Thank you for understanding, and Happy Holidays!

Set your greeting for the festive season. Hurry up, and book your spot today! 


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