Understanding Cell Phone signals and why you have weak signal.

Ever wondered how your cell phone receives connection and why you struggle to connect in certain areas?

Your mobile device uses radio waves to transmit signals to a network of base stations. The radio waves used by mobile devices are part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum and travel at the speed of light.

Signal Bars on Your Phone and What They Actually Mean.

The bars or dots on your cell phone screen, indicate the relative strength of the available signal. One bar indicates weaker signal strength than two bars. And two bars represent weaker signal strength than three bars.

Why Do I Only Have One Bar on My Phone?

In densely populated areas, the issue of network traffic can also arise. People assume there’s plenty of cell coverage to go around, but cellular tower resources are limited. If a lot of people are on the same network and tower, downloading, sending messages, and taking up bandwidth, the tower might struggle to support that level of usage. Signal can also be affected by, building materials such as concrete, steel, brick, fiberglass insulation or wood.

How Do I Get More Bars on My Cell Phone?

A cell phone signal booster is a great solution that can boost signal into your home so you can have a strong, reliable cell signal. It’s important to note that cell phone signal boosters won’t create a signal if you have no bars on your cell phone at all. But they will boost a weak existing cell signal into your home or vehicle.

SPOC’s signal boosters work with all carriers and you don’t have to pay recurring fees. When you buy a cell phone signal booster, you’re buying the hardware that gets the job done.

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