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The FlexxiHost Cloud Hosted PABX is the simplest solution for a company’s communication needs.

In the month of August, we will focus on FlexxiHost our Cloud/Hosted telephony system. If you feel limited with your on-site PBX, keep reading!

At SPOC we keep up with technology and communication trends so you don’t have to. Our solutions, hardware and services are designed to enhance collaboration and personnel productivity. 

Spoc’s FlexxiHost Cloud PBX system has gained a lot of popularity due to the flexibility, simplicity, mobility, and scalability it brings to businesses.

It is a complete Cloud Hosted PBX Solution that is simple to use, reliable and can be provisioned quickly. FlexxiHost allows you to add or remove users as needed. Provides you with enhanced features and functionality not typically found with on-site systems, such as automatic call routing, call recording and most IMPORTANTLY mobility.

But first, let us answer the most common questions asked when it comes to Cloud or Hosted Telephone Systems.

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