IP CCTV Surveillance on Monthly Rental

FlexxiCam is a CCTV Surveillance Solution, suited to businesses who
do not wish to make a capital investment in owning their security infrastructure.

An IP CCTV Camera System is becoming more affordable for small to medium-size businesses on lower budgets.

Select your IP Camera System from the FlexxiCam range of affordable IP CCTV camera solutions.  FlexxiCam offers a choice in terms of image quality, style of IP Camera and most importantly, price. All this at an affordable monthly rental fee.

An IP CCTV system provides invaluable security protection for business premises. They can increase employee safety, reduce theft, minimise unlawful behaviour and curtail unauthorised entry. A wide range of IP CCTV security cameras have been manufactured to address these needs and at SPOC we know what type of IP CCTV camera to use for your specific security purpose.

FlexxiCam is the proven IP CCTV Camera System suited to businesses who do not wish to make a capital investment in owning their security infrastructure.

Benefits of the FlexxiCam IP Camera System Solutions

Our flexibility also ensures that we can handle the installation of both large and small IP Camera System Solutions. From CCTV monitoring technologies typically found at warehouse operations and corporate offices, to a smaller standalone security IP Camera System, we know what it takes to deliver practical solutions that address our client’s individual security needs.  With our extensive experience in IP Camera System Solutions, we are able to advise on the best solution for your unique requirements.

Full SIte Inspections

We conduct a full site assessment. Listening to the needs of our clients, ensures we propose solutions that are not just “cutting edge” – but customised to address your requirements.

Safety is our Top Priority

Safety is of great importance to us as well as minimal operational disruption during installation.

Industry Leading Experts

Our technicians are always well-informed about new CCTV technologies in the industry.


FlexxiCam is available at an affordable monthly per camera fee, over 3 – 60-month contract periods.

FlexxiCam CCTV Security Features


FlexxiCam systems come with built-in motion detection and basic analytics, so you can use those features out of the box without buying expensive analytics software to do so.


FlexxiCam systems come with built-in infrared to enable night vision whether you take an entry level security solution or high-end solution.


FlexxiCam systems come with a mobile application allowing you to view and monitor your Office or warehouse even when you not on site.


FlexxiCam systems come with a built-in Service Level Agreement on Remote maintenance and assistance quarterly.


FlexxiCam systems are fully expandable, which allows you to start small if your budget requires it, adding new cameras as and when you are able. It also allows larger companies to easily expand their IP CCTV systems as their business expands into new premises.

FlexxiCam IP CCTV Camera System Solution Pricing

FlexxiCam is available at an affordable monthly per IP Camera fee, over 3 – 60-month contract periods.  SPOC Managed Services provide IP Surveillance Solutions to clients locally as well as internationally.  Our company has received numerous prestigious awards and have been providing the best hardware and service since 2003.  Get in touch with us for specialist advice and a solution customised for your requirements and your budget.

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