Rent an On-Premise Hosted IP PABX System

FlexxiCom is an On-Premises Hosted PABX solution, suited to businesses who do not wish to make a capital investment in owning a telephony system.

FlexxiCom is an On-Premises Hosted IP PABX solution, suited to businesses who do not wish to make a capital investment in owning a telephony system.

FlexxiCom makes professional phone system and unified communication features a reality for businesses of all sizes. FlexxiCom puts the power of convergence into the hands of today’s growing businesses. You can cut down on communications costs with a converged system—a single platform that integrates VoIP and data communications and brings together your wireless and wired connections. The all-in-one design of the FlexxiCom integrates wired, VPN, VoIP, Wireless and networking business communications.

FlexxiCom offers high quality, unrivalled features, and flexibility with a variety of advanced communication features that are easy to navigate and understand. The system allows for flexibility and reliability while being scalable for use in small, medium or large-Enterprises.

FlexxiCom Benefits

The benefits below are additional to what VoIP brings on its own. It is the combined set of benefits that leads us to conclude that FlexxiCom is an ideal solution for businesses looking for affordable unified communication features.

Full SIte Inspections

FlexxiCom is very flexible and supports branch offices, remote workers, and new sites as you expand.

Low Capital Expenditure

Low capital upfront costs is required, and you are not locked into an asset with a long duration cycle.

Reliable Service

Regardless of how busy your phone lines get, a hosted solution always works. You will always get a dial tone and your customers will never get a busy signal.


FlexxiCom is charged at an affordable per-user fee monthly. The user fee includes the hardware selected, with a built-in Service Level Agreement. FlexxiCom is available on 3 – 60 months contracts.

Unified Communication Features


With FlexxiCom, companies can start with a small number of extensions and grow to any size, without phone system constraints or hardware upgrades.
This makes managing growth with ease.


The start-up costs for FlexxiCom are significantly lower than purchasing a traditional PABX. Smooths out cash flow requirements and frees up cash for other needs. Provides ongoing savings with unlimited local and long-distance calling or flat rate pricing.


FlexxiCom can route calls to any employee, employees do not have to be at an office phone to receive calls. Employees or sub-contractors can telecommute, taking calls on cell phones or home lines. The Mobility feature allows calls to be easily forwarded to cell phones or other alternate locations, enabling a completely virtual company, and reducing office overhead expenses.


With a FlexxiCom from SPOC, all day-to-day operations and maintenance of the PABX is performed by SPOC. Companies also gain access to the latest technology automatically, with all upgrades handled by SPOC. FlexxiCom offers 24×7 management and monitoring at no extra charge to ensure the smooth operation of its customers’ phone communications.

FlexxiCom Call Features

Call Routing
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Call Queues
Click to Dial
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Auto Attendant
Call Retrieval
Call Hold
Remote extension dialling
Music on Hold
Ring Group/Hunt Group
Audio conferencing rooms (bridges)
Call Recording server (built-in)
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)

FlexxiCom Pricing

FlexxiCom is charged at an affordable per user fee monthly. The user fee includes the hardware selected, with a built-in Service Level Agreement. FlexxiHost is available on 3 – 60 months contracts.

Flexxicom Requirements

Internet Connectivity

FlexxiCom requires stable internet connection to function. SPOC can utilise your existing fibre or Wireless internet link depending on the amount of extensions you require. Should you not have a stable connection we can assist through our FlexxiConnect range of options available.

Number Porting

Porting your number means you get to keep your phone number when changing service providers. SPOC can assist you in porting your numbers (011, 021, 031, etc) from your current service provider to us when signing up for our VoIP service or Hosted Solutions. Once ported, you can keep your number with you wherever you to move to in South Africa.
Don’t have a number? NO Problem! We can provide you with a geographical or non-geographical number, we also do 087 numbers.

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