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Experience the difference SPOC Managed Services offers with our expertise in premise cabling and MEGAnet technology

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Experience the difference SPOC Managed Services offers with our expertise in premise cabling and MEGAnet technology.  FlexxiNet by SPOC Managed Services is a suite of business-premise cabling solutions and network equipment for businesses looking to take their business to the next level. FlexxiNet provides a variety of Business Premise Cabling and Network Solutions and options.

Planning and implementing the correct Premise Cabling and network Solution is more than just running some ethernet or fibre cables between switches. Understanding the purpose and environment of the solution is of utmost importance to the quality, longevity and effectiveness of your cabling network. The FlexxiNet range of Premise Cabling and Network Solutions provides the choice you need to make decisions regarding your Voice, CCTV and Data Networks.

SPOC Managed Services understands that as your business grows, so does your company’s Premise Cabling needs and network requirements. SPOC has designed the FlexxiNet suite of products that offer tailored premise cabling and network solutions to small- to large-sized enterprises.

Our range of product offerings has been carefully developed to be scalable with the changing needs and demands of our customers, ensuring that no matter the size or scope of your business, you will find a premise cabling solution that suits your company.

Do you need premise cabling and network solutions for your business?

SPOC Managed Services offers a range of premise cabling and network services to ensure your network infrastructure is secured, reliable, and scalable.  We are experienced in all aspects of installation, maintenance, and support. Gain more with SPOC Managed Services: With our experience and expertise in premise cabling and MEGAnet technology, we are able to provide you with the best company to handle your managed service. We are committed to providing our clients with both cost-effective and innovative solutions that will improve their business.

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SPOC Managed Services offers IT infrastructure products and services to businesses that are looking for reliable and cost-effective business premise cabling solutions.

Maintenance And Upgrades

We understand that when your cabling infrastructure or network is down, you need support immediately. Our team of qualified technicians are on standby to provide the assistance you need to get you up and running again. We offer different levels of support to best suit your needs and provide support on site or remotely.

Industry Leaders

We offer best-in-class business internet solutions to help you succeed and grow your business.


The FlexxiNet business premise cabling and network solutions are tailored for your specific business requirements, with the capability to scale and facilitate change as your business grows.

We take care of your Business Premise Cabling and network Requirements – Fast and Cost Effectively

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