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FlexxiRent: Join the FlexxiRent revolution with an IP PABX Rental Phone System

Our FlexxiRent IP PABX rental PABX Solution is the right call for you if you're a business owner who needs a carrier-grade voice system without the ownership and maintenance.

Leave The PABX Worries To Us

FlexxiRent is a fully managed IP PABX solution, meaning you won’t have to worry about maintenance, vendor upgrades or troubleshooting. FlexxiRent gives you a world of possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses who want a simple and affordable phone solution.

Cutting-edge Technology: Experience the difference SPOC Managed Services offers with our expertise in PABX Rental and telecommunication.  FlexxiRent by SPOC Managed Services is a suite of PABX Rental solutions for businesses looking to take their business to the next level. FlexxiRent provides a variety of PABX Rental Solutions and options.

SPOC Managed Services understands that as your business grows, so does your company’s PABX needs. SPOC has designed the FlexxiRent suite of products that offer tailored PABX Rental solutions to small- to large-sized enterprises.

Our range of product offerings have been carefully developed to be scalable with the changing needs and demands of our customers, ensuring that no matter the size or scope of your business, you will find a PABX Rental solution that suits your company.

Do you need a rented PABX solution for your business?

Get Connected and Not Caught Up: The FlexxiRent IP PABX rental PABX solution is the simplest solution for a company’s communication needs. With FlexxiRent, you can get connected without all of the worries of owning and maintaining your own phone system and without giving up any features.

Gain more with SPOC Managed Services: With our experience and expertise in telecommunication solutions, we are able to provide you with the best team to handle your PABX Rental Service. We are committed to providing our clients with both cost-effective and innovative solutions that will improve their business.

Contact SPOC for the peace of mind and expertise you need to implement the best PABX Rental Solution for your needs.

  • SPOC Managed Services offers a wide range of options to businesses that are looking for reliable, scalable and cost-effective PABX Rental solutions.
  • We offer best-in-class PABX Rental solutions to help you succeed and grow your business.
  • Save time, money and effort when hiring SPOC Managed Services to take care of all your PABX rental needs.


The FlexxiRent range of PABX Rental solutions are tailored for your specific business requirements, with the capability to scale and facilitate change as your business grows. With FlexxiRental, companies can start with a small number of extensions on their PABX and grow to any size without phone system constraints or hardware upgrades. This makes managing growth easy and sustainable.

Geographical Freedom

FlexxiRent can route calls to wherever employees are located; they don’t have to be in the office. Employees and sub-contractors can telecommute and take calls on their cell phones or home lines. This PABX feature allows for a completely virtual company, reducing office overhead expenses.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

The start-up cost of a PABX rental like FlexxiRent is significantly lower than purchasing a traditional PABX. This PABX finance option provides ongoing savings with unlimited local and long-distance calling or flat rate pricing. It smooths out cash flow requirements and frees up cash for other needs.

Maintenance and Upgrades

• We understand that when your telecommunication infrastructure is down, you need support immediately. Our team of qualified technicians are on standby to provide the assistance you need to get you up and running again. We offer different levels of support to best suit your needs and provide support on site or remotely. Our clients also gain access to the latest technology automatically with all upgrades handled by SPOC.

We take care of your PABX Rental Business Solution – Fast, Reliably and Cost Effectively.

Ready to get a reliable and cost-effective rented PABX solution for your business?

  1. Get in touch: Call or email us to start a conversation about your PABX and telecommunication needs.
  2. We’ll tailor a solution: Based on your business size and needs, we’ll put together the perfect solution.
  3. Connect & manage your service: We’ll get you set up and manage your PABX Rental Solution so you can focus on running your business.